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Therec Kinematics is engineering and trading company who sales, service, engineering design, consulting, installation and construction of mechanical & instrument product and system for all industries application and process technology. We have gained a very high reputation for quality and reliability of our product and services, which base on our experienced and qualified professionals. We are prepared to serve our clients from initial design to post installation, training and service.
With our own engineering staff, premium technical support from manufacturer in oversea and alliance engineering companies, an expert system designer, consultant and construction, we can offer wide range of mechanical, control and instrument turnkey solutions,construction, installation, services and support for Central Vacuum Cleaning System (CVCS), Aeration System, Water & Waste Water Treatment Plant, Pneumatic Conveying System.
Name & Address
Therec Kinematics Co., Ltd.
9/174 BanSuanRimClong –Bangmod,
Moo 7, Phuttabucha Rd., Bangmod,
Jomthong, Bangkok 10150, Thailand
Tel. +66 28748178, 28748209-10
Fax +66 28748179-80

บริษัท เทอร์เรค ไคนิเมติคส์ จำกัด
9/174 หมู่บ้านสวนริมคลองบางมด
หมู่ 7 ถนนพุทธบูชา แขวงบางมด
เขตจอมทอง กรุงเทพฯ 10150
โทร. 02 8748178-80
แฟกซ์ 02 8748179-80
Product & Service
Mechanical & Rotating Machines
Dresser Roots / USA 
Consolidated / USA 
Howden / UK, Australia, Netherlands
Stamford Scientific International Inc. / USA
Rexnord Corporation Inc. / USA
Gardner Denver CF Blower Division / USA
C.E. Shepherd Inc. / USA
Polcon / Canada
Chiltern Acoustic Ltd. / UK
DMN-Westinghouse / Netherlands
Wieland / Germany
Air Liquid System / USA
Blower & Vacuum pump
Safety valve
Fan & Rotary Air Heater
Aeration system, Diffuser
Coupling, Backstop
Central vacuum cleaning system
Infill & eliminator
Noise control specialist
Rotary valve & Diverter valve
Portable vacuum cleaner
Filtration System & Strip Dryer

Turnkey Facilities

Central Vacuum Cleaning System
Aeration System
Water Purification System
Waste Water Treatment System
Pneumatic Conveying System

Main Business Area
Engineering Contractor
Oil and Gas production
Petrochemical Industries
Power Distribution / Co-generation power plant
Pulp and Paper Mill
Cement plant
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Chemical Storage / Plant
Metallurgical Industries
Rubber Industries
Extraction & Mining Industries

บริษัท เทอร์เรค ไคนิเมติคส์ จำกัด 9/174 หมู่ 7 ถนนพุทธบูชา แขวงบางมด เขตจอมทอง กรุงเทพฯ 10150 โทร. 02 8748178 แฟกซ์ 02 8748179