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At the core of Air Liquid Systems, Inc.'s expertise are Hoffman's Vacu-Matic flat bed vacuum filters, ideal for use in heavy industrial applications requiring liquid flow rates from as much as 9,000 gallons per minute to as little as 5 gallons per minute. Hoffman Filtration began by manufacturing vacuum stills in the 1930s, and over the past 75 years has expanded to include Vacu-Matic filters, Magnaflo magnetic separators, sludge collection tanks, disc/ cartridge filters, and clean/ dirty coolant storage tanks. ALS meets all of its worldwide filtration customers' needs by supplying everything from complete new systems to individual spare parts.

In addition to Hoffman Filtration products, ALS manufactures complete metal strip drying systems for any application in which totally dry strip is required. Each system is engineered to the unique requirements of the customer, and is guaranteed by ALS to provide completely dry strip. Systems are supplied with either gas-fired or steam-fired heaters, blowoff blower, optional combustion blower, entry and exit rubber-coated rollers, and "V" type headers with support structures.
Brand : Hoffman Filtration Systems & ALS Strip Dryers
Manufacturer : Air Liquid Systems, Inc.
Country of Origin : USA
Product Range :
- Vacu-Matic Filters
- Magnaflo Magnetic Separators
- Sludge Collection Tanks
- Clean and Dirty Liquid Storage Tanks
- Vacuum Stills
- Disc and Cartridge Filters
- Complete Strip Drying Systems
- Gas-Fired Heaters
- Steam-Fired Heaters

The complete line of Hoffman Filtration products, including flat bed vacuum filters, magnetic separators, sludge collection
tanks, vacuum stills, and disc/ cartridge filters
ALS Filter Brochure.pdf
( 4000 kb )


Heaters, headers, support structures, and all necessary components to provide completely dry strip, guaranteed.
ALS Dryer Brochure.pdf
( 1000 kb )

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