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Since the 1960's, C. E. Shepherd Company has offered an outstanding line of high quality cooling tower components. Shepherd components resist corrosion from extended exposure to water and hostile environmental conditions better than any competitive products. C. E. Shepherd are a major supplier to new cooling tower manufacturers, companies specializing in repairs and upgrades, and maintenance groups.
Brand : C. E. Shepherd
Manufacturer : C. E. Shepherd Company
Country of Origin : USA
Product Range :
- Cooling Tower Component
- Infill
- Drift Eliminator
- Nozzle

CES-190 & CES-120 Film Pack Infill
The most efficient heat transfer method for counterflow cooling towers is accomplished via cross corrugated film-type media or fill. This fill is thermally formed from rigid polyCellular Fillsinyl chloride (PVC), which resists decay and fungal or biological attack. The C. E. Shepherd Company currently offers two such media, CES-190 and CES-120. CES sheets conform to the commercial standard ASTM D1784:12454B. CES Film Fill Packs significantly increases cooling tower efficiency as its expansive surface area accelerates cooling in a thin film of water.
CES-190 infill.pdf
( 2,569 kb )


VE-210 Film Pack Infill
Shepherd VE-210 film fill system delivers superior performance with reduced fouling. The vertical entrance / vertical exit media design promotes free flow of debris and biological growth while the cross-corrugations maximize surface area and create turbulence to ensure efficient heat transfer. The VE-210 is a low-fouling, thermally efficient, durable media perfect for heavy industrial applications including power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants and pulp/paper production.
VE-210 infill.pdf
( 1,511 kb )


SDRU Drift Eliminator
The CES-DRU1.5 is an engineered solution for the removal of entrained water droplets within the exit air stream. Shepherd Drift Reduction Units provide a low pressure drop for increased air flow, reduced maintenance and prolonged operating life.
Designed for both crossflow and counterflow applications, CES-DRUs in modules measure 12-1/2" wide x 5-1/4" deep. Maximum available length is 10'. The modules nest together tongue-and-groove fashion for increased protection from drift loss.

SDRU eliminator.pdf
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Spray Distribution Nozzle
Shepherd distribution nozzles, or splash nozzles, are each designed to provide uniform spray over the fill media. C. E. Shepherd offers a range of nozzles for both cross flow and counter flow applications.

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