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October 05, 2007
New RAM X™ Tri-Lobe Rotary Positive Displacement Blowers
Dresser Roots, manufacturer of the original ROOTS blower™ and one of the world's largest and most successful blower manufacturers, introduces the innovative RAM X™ tri-lobe rotary lobe blower series. A range of positive displacement blowers and exhausters for the markets of the 21st century.

RAM X™ is a development of the well proven RAM™ blower line, already known for its operational success in the field for 20 years. Performance and efficiency are improved by the incorporation of ductile iron tri-lobe impellers, longer life cylindrical bearings and hydro-dynamic seals. The cylinder design has been improved by adding reduced pulsation jets, increasing the material thickness and by adding additional cooling ribs to the housing, resulting in increased heat dissipation and rigidity, plus improved noise levels.
October 20, 2006
New PTFE coated EPDM membrane diffuser from SSI

SSI PTFE coated EPDM membranes continue to outperform competitors' products in side by side tests, and in hundreds of reference plants around the world.
SSI PTFE discs were selected by Saudi Arabia for more than Makkah and Jeddah WWTP's. The combined orders are for more than 200,000 diffusers.

SSI PTFE tubes were selected by CJ Co. of Korea for all of its food plants worldwide including Korea, China, Indonesia, and Brazil.
SSI PTFE discs were selected by Yorkshire Water of the UK for its framework contract to serve as the primary diffuser supplier for the next 5 years.

September 25, 2006
Update Howden Cooling Fans selection software (version 6.04) released
The 6.04 version of our Howden Cooling Fans selection software program has been released and is downloadable from this website's customer section. Visit Howden cooling Fan website for download
September 12, 2006
SSI fine bubble diffuser SOTE Test Results

In September, we tested our 3rd generation of disc diffusers (both EPDM and PTFE, both 270mm diameter and 350mm diameter) at ATC, SA in Barcelona, Spain. This is same well regarded testing firm that performed similar tests in 2003 & 2004 on previous generations of our disc diffusers.

This year we achieved the highest oxygen transfer results ever. You can be confident that systems installed with SSI 3rd generation disc membranes are performing at the peak efficiencies available in our industry from any manufacturer. Special thanks to those who participated and helped witness the SOTE tests Dan Christensen, Peter Moser, Mahmoud Al Labadi, Suhail

July 31, 2006
Parrish to Head Dresser Roots Blower Business

HOUSTON, TEXAS (July 31, 2006)-Dresser, Inc. announced today that John S. Parrish has been named president of the Dresser Roots Blower and Compressor business, which has its worldwide headquarters in Houston. Mr. Parrish was previously vice president and general manager of Dresser Roots.

"John has a long and distinguished career with Dresser Roots, showing exceptional talent and skill in the various positions he has held through the years," said John P. Ryan, president and chief operating officer of Dresser, Inc., in making the announcement. "He has been instrumental in growing the Dresser Roots business around the world, and we are fortunate to have someone with his knowledge of the product and the worldwide market to lead this organization."

Mr. Parrish joined Dresser Roots in 1982 as an applications engineer and has served in a variety of sales and management positions throughout his career. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Compressed Air and Gas Institute and was Chairman of the Blower Section of that organization.

Mr. Parrish replaces Daniel E. Jezerinac, who was previously named president of the Dresser Natural Gas Solutions business.

June 01, 2004
New Howden K-series cooling fans

K-series axial fans are designed for application in factory assembled cooling towers and air-cooled heat exchangers. This is a pure Howden quality product, with superior performance at lowest power consumption and with timesaving features.

K-series fan blades, with the innovative "Aerotip" (patented) and the radius-cut inboard edge, have been designed for a high power recovery providing excellent aerodynamic performance. The resilient and damped connection of the fan blades to the hub guarantees the fan will operate smoothly and silently without vibration problems.

September 05, 2003
New Howden Z-series cooling fans

Howden Z-series axial cooling fans are the latest in axial fan development. They are specifically designed to operate at peak efficiency at the most common duty points in field erected cooling towers and air-cooled steam condensers.

Z-series cooling fan blades have the innovative and patented "Aerotip" blades developed by Howden. See Aerotip paper as presented at CTI meeting (PDF) at

Z-series cooling fans have a blade construction with an integral shaft and are positioned on the fan hub-plate through aluminium blade supports using U-bolts for simple assembly and field adjustment.

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